This year I have seen the Lord work on me as much as through me. The teaching and evangelism ministry with which God has entrusted me always seems to stretch me farther than I knew I could be stretched, both physically and spiritually. I never thought I could preach to an amazing group of Haitians on a mountainside one day and the next be just as passionate about sharing the deep truth of God to a college campus in Kentucky. My week may have begun in Ohio, encouraging a church in their call to pour out their lives “on mission”, but by week’s end I’m counseling and crying with a young high school student who is leaving his life of self and sin to follow Christ in Texas.
What I’ve discovered is this: location makes no difference to the work God has given for me. Some call it “missionary work” one place and speaking/teaching in another. I resist those tags. I’m to share Christ’s life! It’s what I was made for! (and you too!)
I’ve never been more excited looking forward at the coming year. I hope it’s the same for you. 2013 can be an incredible year for ministry if we just put our hearts to it.

Merry Christmas!,

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