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Ep 23 :: Your Shadow (In Studio)

In Studio
In Studio
Ep 23 :: Your Shadow (In Studio)

Today we talk about the affect and influence YOUR shadow can cast.  Listen as we explore the scripture in Acts 5:15-16.

“…so that they even carried out the sick into the streets and laid them on cots and mats, that as Peter came by at least his shadow might fall on some of them.   The people also gathered from the towns around Jerusalem, bringing the sick and those afflicted with unclean spirits, and they were all healed.  Acts 5:15-16

Peter cast a shadow that was healing.   Our shadow is our influence… is your shadow healing or not? That is the question we explore during this episode.

shadow is a figure or image cast on the ground by a body intercepting light.  (Webster’s)

Everyone has a shadow… below are the 3 points that stood out to us from Acts 5:15 -16:
1 . We were put here for a purpose to cast a shadow /  to cast an influence
2.  God was thinking of you long before you existed
3. The purpose of YOUR life fits into a larger scheme for the planet

Someone is always looking at your life…  our shadow doesn’t talk, but our lives should speak!  What is your life / your influence / your shadow say?
 Ralph Waldo Emerson says… 

  • “Your life speaks so loud… I can hardly hear what you are saying.”  

Let your shadow grow.  Make YOUR relationships intentional.  We were so challenged  by this message today… that we challenged ourselves to do a couple of things.  So, we thought you might enjoy being INCLUDED.  You ready?  Here you go!

1. We challenge you to CALL… Not email or even write a letter to but physically talk to a person in your past who’s influence and shadow changed your life for the better.  Tell them what it has meant to you specifically and how their life has changed yours.

2. Purposefully identify a person you know YOU influence and speak encouraging words into their life today.

EPH. 1:11-12,  2 COR. 3:2,  MATT. 5:16EPH. 5:15-16,  PROV. 4:18

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