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Ep 26 :: Mary’s Christmas (In Studio)

In Studio
In Studio
Ep 26 :: Mary's Christmas (In Studio)

Merry Christmas everyone.  As we are ONE week from Christmas – we thought it was only appropriate for us to discuss Mary!

Join us as we dive into Luke 1:26 – 38.  The angel, Gabriel,  appears to Mary and tells her that she will conceive a child and He will be called Emmanuel.  Mary’s first response was, “why me?”.  She was young, poor and from a bad part of Nazareth,  but the angels response was – ‘You are highly favored”.  She wasn’t chosen because of her credentials – God chose her because she loved the Lord, she believed, and she was highly favored.

Something interesting you might not have known… after this encounter with Mary – the word  ‘bless-ed’  (bless-ed)  took on a different meaning.  Blessed  became known to mean –  you don’t deserve this – you have been given a gift.

What can we learn from Mary? 
1.  Doubts are ok.
2.  Nothing is impossible with God.
3.  If we humble ourselves – He will lift us up.
4.  We can trust that God is going to prepare the way for us.

Mary was unworthy, but so are we!  It is ONLY by God’s grace that we receive His favor… His blessing.  Our prayer is that you have a ‘Mary’s Christmas’ this year.  Ask God what your mission is and for Him to prepare you and prepare the way for you.

Merry Christmas from all of us Brent Gambrell Ministries and A Door to Hope.

ref:  Luke 1:26-38John 17

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