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Ep 28 :: Focus of a ‘Not’ (Sermon Series)

Sermon Series
Sermon Series
Ep 28 :: Focus of a 'Not' (Sermon Series)

This is the second in the series of, “Becoming a NOT”.   Join me as we explore on how to ‘FOCUS ON BEING A ‘NOT’.

This message became something so different for me… it went from being a message to the masses – to becoming a new perspective on the Christian walk for me personally.  What came out of this message – is what authentically was being done IN me and came OUT of me.  My Prayer is that the Lord would authentically do a work in you. 

Are you ready to explore and learn how to FOCUS on BEING A NOT?

Hebrews 11,  Jude 1:14-15,  Matthew 4Matthew 17,  I Chronicles 29:22Support the show (