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Ep 29 :: Love & Relationships pt. 1 (In Studio)

In Studio
In Studio
Ep 29 :: Love & Relationships pt. 1 (In Studio)

Today we talk Love and Relationships.   I decided February’s podcasts would be themed “The Month of LOVE”.   We had a special guest join us for this podcast… Amanda Arthur (President of the non-profit, Nashville Angels).  We thought it best for 2 single guys to not be the ONLY ones speaking into Love and Relationships; so, we have 2 married ladies joining us today to help evoke some wisdom on this topic.

We have some questions for you to answer… ponder.  What do you think the definition of intimacy is?  What is intimacy NOT?  Intimacy is NOT the magic RING or sex!  Intimacy is being vulnerable and intentional.  Intimacy is hard to define, but you KNOW when you experience it.   “Intimacy is not a park bench… it is a bicycle built for two… it’s moving and growing.” BG

Join us as we get REAL and share some of our most intimate stories and dive into REAL talk about relationships.

We have a random question for YOU:
(comment or email us your answer…
1. What item in your refrigerator describes you right now?

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