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Ep. 31 :: Blessed are the Peacemakers… during a time of War (In Studio)

In Studio
In Studio
Ep. 31 :: Blessed are the Peacemakers... during a time of War (In Studio)

How do we – as Christians – respond to this war? 

Today, we have the conversation… I didn’t think I would ever talk about publicly.  BUT, we did… and today we talk about the War in Ukraine and what OUR RESPONSIBILITY is as a BELIEVER.

This is what we CAN DO and what OUR RESPONSIBILITY is:
1. We are to PRAY for the people of Ukraine.
2.  We need to TRUST God is in CONTROL.
3. We need to SUPPORT Ukraine in whatever small way can.  
4. We need to PRAY for the Christian Church in Ukraine / protection of the people and the

5. We need to PRAY for Russian Leadership / Ukrainian Leadership / American Leadership /
     NATO Leadership – pray for God’s wisdom to intervene.

6. We need to see the ENEMY for who the ENEMY is and what he is doing.

Our challenge to YOU: start to LOVE and SERVE your friends and neighbors well!

Matthew 5,  Ephesians 6:18,  I Timothy 2,  Ephesians 6

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