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Ep. 32 :: No Footprints on Water with Mary Jo Kelso (In Studio)

In Studio
In Studio
Ep. 32 :: No Footprints on Water with Mary Jo Kelso (In Studio)

Today we are joined by, the one and only, Mary Jo Kelso.  Mary Jo and I go back many, many, many years; Mary Jo is one of the founding members of Images Images was our comedy/drama trio that traveled coast to coast sharing the Gospel thru drama skits, worship, Biblical teaching and comedy.  Mary Jo, is married to Kris Kelso (the chairman of our Board of Directors) and is the mother to 3 of the tallest, coolest boys… Owen, Ivan and Aron.

I admitted to Mary Jo, during this podcast, that I learned so much about the Bible from her.  One of the biggest things I learned from Mary Jo was… she would say, ‘I am gonna GO GET CLOSE’.  That was how SHE described – what must of us call  – our ‘quiet time’.  I just LOVED THAT; so, I totally stole it from her and now say… ‘I am gonna go get close!’. 

Have you ever tried to walk on water?  Well, Mary Jo did – 😂 – today she tells us about that event and the moment (years later) God used it to reveal a beautiful truth to her.   I promise this will be an episode you will NOT want to miss. 

Join me as we hear Mary Jo’s heart and learn what it means to ask the question,
“Who God is?”.

Mary Jo Kelso… No Footprints on Water

Joshua 4

**Mary Jo also has a book coming out called: Grace Momma
If you would like more information about her book – you can contact her at or if you have questions for Mary Jo…  feel free to contact her at: the show (