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Ep. 35 :: Worry… Getting to the AMEN

The Brent Gambrell Podcast
The Brent Gambrell Podcast
Ep. 35 :: Worry... Getting to the AMEN

I hope you enjoyed hearing from some of our ministry friends and partners – last week.  It was truly so wonderful, for us, to hear from others that have been such a pivotal part of this ministry over the years.  We are so grateful for them… their support, guidance, leadership and participation with this ministry. 

Today,  we are changing gears a bit and talking about WORRY and ANXIETY.   Do you worry?  Would you consider yourself a worrier?  I had not ever considered myself a worrier, however; I have realized recently – that I have been struggling with worry.

Research has shown… of EVERYTHING we worry about in our lives – only 8% of those things MAY come to life.     

Here are some (HARD) questions I would love for YOU to REFLECT on and ASK YOURSELF:
1.  What do you do when you are worrying…?  I have realized, I turn to food. 
      Some others escape – run.
2.  Do YOU TRUST God to carry you thru the things you worry about?
3.  Are there worries in YOUR LIFE that you ‘give to God’, but never fully relinquish hold of?
      We tend to run from God or turn from Him and turn towards something that
      doesn’t bring  JOY or COMFORT.   

I want to leave you with these final words of wisdom… “Any time you feel pressure – it is ONLY measuring the resistance to what God has allowed into your life.”

I pray today,  you can yield to the pressure and that YOU are able to get the AMEN… let it be said, let it be done.  

Matthew 6:25 – 34
Psalm 37:4 Support the show