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Ep. 34 :: ADTH Special Guests’ Episode

In Studio
In Studio
Ep. 34 :: ADTH Special Guests' Episode

This podcast actually took place during our annual TopGolf fundraiser.  I can’t wait for YOU to hear from some of our closest friends and ministry partners.  Here we go…

Our first guest is Cathy Bell.   Cathy is one of the longest running board members on our Brent Gambrell Ministries / ADTH Board of Directors; she serves as our Secretary and my life long bff.   Cathy Bell knows everything about me and I about her… so, needless to say – we will be in each other’s lives FOREVER!  Fun fact about Cathy… if it wasn’t for her – my first book, Living For Another, would not have been written. (True story)

Welcome Rick and Judy Barnette.  These two have been some of the greatest advocates for ADTH… they may hold the record for most trips to Haiti.  Rick, truly loves HAITI and this ministry.  He has a heart of gold, and helps in ways that just BLOW US AWAY!   Rick always gives great insight – and is usually the first to ask me the hard questions.  I love that he loves me and this ministry enough to ask those hard questions. 

Welcome Kris Kelso,  the chairman of our Board of Directors.  Kris is the husband to Mary Jo Kelso – who has been on our podcast and one of the O.G. members of this ministry.  Kris has been involved with this ministry since the beginning – and he was one of the FIRST MEMBERS of our Board of Directors.  He is 19 years in and counting!  We love Kris and can’t wait for you to hear his heart and insight.  Kris brings an energy and wisdom to this ministry that is much needed and respected. 

Welcome William Horton.  William is our Treasurer.  He is the money man… and we value his insight and love for this ministry.  We met William thru his beautiful daughters, Katie and Corbie.  He had NO idea that after meeting him on his 1st trip to Haiti, with his daughter Katie, that he would forever be connected and a pivotal part of this ministry.   

I am very excited for you to hear from some dear friends of this ministry.   
Mike Slinker and his family – Tennessee Memories.  We love the Slinker family… they are new friends to the ministry, but have already become family and are HUGE IMPACT partners for ADTH.

Hunter Briley and his wife, Wendy,  – Regal Reality Group. Hunter is one of the few that I call “my boy”.  He was in my youth group at Two Rivers, and Hunter holds a very special place in my heart… he will forever be ‘my boy’!

We saved the best for last!  I want you to meet Moises Sifren.  Moises is the Director of Maranatha Ministry and the Director of the La Romana Hospital.  Moises is our ministry partner in the Dominican Republic.  We had the wonderful fortune of meeting Moises 4 years ago.  In praying thru and asking the Lord where He might lead us to expand this ministry… He lead us to La Romana, Dominican Republic.    After seeing the work this man and his organization have been doing with the Haitian communities in the D.R. – the Lord made it VERY CLEAR this is exactly  WHERE and WHO we were supposed to partner with.   Please LISTEN as Moises shares his INCREDIBLE STORY and what we will be building together in the D.R.

I hope you have enjoyed meeting our ADTH family!  If you have ANY questions about our ministry or our ministry partners – please reach out!  We would LOVE  to SHARE all the information we can!  If YOU would like to join us on a trip to the Dominican Republic – click HERE for all the information! Support the show